Bass Trombone P.2

It’s been about half a year since I began playing seriously again. I have started out from the bottom, bottom as in the lower end of the sound spectrum of the trombone family. Yes bass trombone!

I started out with the tenor, but my chops couldn’t last a whole rehearsal, so I asked to be switched to bass, which I enjoy playing more than tenor anyway.

I have a old early Elkhart(c.1965) Bach 50B single standard wrap trigger, which I recently acquired through a friend, and an old Yamaha YBL-611 I purchased when I started playing as a community member in an orchestra 25 years ago. The Yamaha is the horn I’ve been using for the heavy concert pieces that require low C2 and B1, and I just had the thumb triggers converted to thumb and finger set up recently to make playing runs easier (

In my younger days the closed wrap of the Yamaha bass was not a problem, but at my age now, pushing those same notes out of this horn has gotten more and more difficult. I’ve joked with my section mates that I might need to bring a oxygen tank to keep up!

So I started to think of ways around this problem. Adding a second valve to the Bach? I plays well as a single valver, but adding another valve might make it feel a little stuffy. hmmm…

Converting to an open wrap? Need a whole new valve section for that… a little costly… 

So what did I end up doing?

… THIS … Way more costly! 

Kuhnl & Hoyer BS174 “Slokar Bass” made in Germany 

240mm Gold brass bell with “Wogram Curve” tuning slides, light weight (nickel silver) hand slide.

Hopefully my last trombone purchase… I’m getting too old for this…Ha!

Bass Trombone

It’s been many years since I got this horn. I finally got around to what I have been wanting to do for sometime.


The Yamaha YBL-611ii came with side by side trigger levers. Though on slow passages I found no complaints, quick runs kept me from using the second lever, because it was a hassle to use.

I always thought if the triggers were split, F slide to be engaged by the thumb and Eb slide with index finger would make quick passages a lot easier and smoothe.



Finally had it done by a local repair guy (after 25 years of use). He did a really good job. Done with Yamaha parts from the current line up. The original trigger saddles were brazed on, so we decided to keep them, and just add one for the Eb lever. I also had him grind down the remaining unused original saddle. I wonder if I can engrave something on that. (just a thought)


Now I have no excuse for messed up runs, got to go practice now!















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